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[PDF] Download: iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino

Download free iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino: Wiring the iPhone and iPad into the Internet of Things for mega  in PDF. Turn your iPhone or iPad into the hub of a distributed sensor network with the help of an Arduino microcontroller. With this concise guide, you’ll learn how to connect an external sensor to an iOS device and have them talk to each other through Arduino. You’ll also build an iOS application that will parse the sensor values it receives and plot the resulting measurements, all in real-time.hapter 9 Identification.


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Table of Contents:

 Chapter 1 Introduction to the Arduino
Chapter 2 Connecting the iPhone to the Arduino
Chapter 3 Controlling the Arduino from the iPad
Chapter 4 Using External Sensors from the iPhone
Chapter 5 Connecting to an XBee Network
Chapter 6 Other Ways to Connect
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