[PDF] Mechatronic Systems – Analysis, Design and Implementation

Free download Introduction to Mechatronic Systems – Analysis, Design and Implementation in PDF by MEGA. This book deals with the analysis, the design and the implementation of the mechatronic systems. Classical and modern tools are developed for the analysis and the design for such systems. Robust control, H-Infinity and guaranteed cost control theory are also used for analysis and design of mechatronic systems. Different controller such as state feedback, static output feedback and dynamic output feedback controllers are used to stabilize mechatronic systems. 
Heuristic algorithms are provided to solve the design of the classical controller such as PID, phase lead, phase lag and phase lead-lag controllers while linear matrix inequalities (LMI) algorithms are provided for finding solutions to the state feedback, static output feedback and dynamic output feedback controllers.
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I Mechatronic Systems.- Mechatronic systems.
II Modeling.- Mathematical modeling.
III Transfer function approaches.- Analysis based on transfer function.- Design based on transfer function.
IV State space approaches.- Analysis based on state space.- Design based on state space.
V Implementation.- Design and implementation of mechatronic systems. 
VI Advanced control.- Robust control.- Guaranteed cost control problem. 
VII Case studies.- Case studies .- A C language tutorial.

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