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[PDF] Download Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe

Download free Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe for mega  in PDF. Microcontroller technology has exploded in popularity among ham radio operators. The new generation of single-board microcontrollers is easier than ever to use, bringing together hardware and software for project-building radio amateurs can easily dive into. With inexpensive microcontroller platforms—such as the popular open-source Arduino board—readily available parts, components and accessory boards, the possibilities are limitless: beacon transmitters, keyers, antenna position control, RTTY and digital mode decoders, waterfall displays, and more.
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PASSWORD: universodelamecatronica

Table of Contents:

1 CQ DX- A Ham’s»Hello World!»
2 Timber:An APRS Datalogger
3 Customizing the Data logger
4 QRSS: Very Slow Sending
5 Multimode Transmitter Shield
6 Thermic: a High Voltage, High Frequency,and
7 Airgate: A Receive-Only,Low-Power APRS iGate
8 Axekey: A Simple PICAXE Keyer
9 Sun flower Solar Tracker
10 Pharos: A PICAXE CW Beacon Keyer
11 N6SN Nanokeyer
12 Time Out: A Hand held Radio Talk Timer
13 Hermes APRS Messenger
14 Dozen: A DTMF Controlled SSTV Camera
15 Marinus: An APRS Display
16 Cascata: An Arduino Waterfall
17 Buddy: ARover’s Best Friend
18 Sweeper:An Ardulno SWR Scanner
19 Swamper: A Cypress Waterfall for 2.4G
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