Download free Professional Android Open Accessory Programming with Arduino for mega  in PDF. Learn how to control your home or car from your Android smartphone - air conditioning, lights, entertainment systems, and more! Android Open Accessory is a new, simple, and secure protocol for connecting any microcontroller-empowered device to an Android smartphone or tablet. This Wrox guide shows Android programmers how to use AOA with Arduino, the microcontroller platform, to control such systems as lighting, air conditioning, and entertainment systems from Android devices. Furthermore, it teaches the circuit-building skills needed to create games and practical products that also take advantage of Android technology.

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Table of Contents:

Part I Welcome to the Wonderful World of Accessories
1 Introduction to Android Open Accessory
2 Setting Up the (Arduino) Hardware
3 Understanding Data Communication
4 Setting up Development Environments
5 Creating the Accessory Library
6 Using Your Accessory Library
7 Digital Arduino
8 Analog Arduino
Part II Projects
9 Bike Ride Recorder
10 Kitchen Lamp
11 Mr Wiley