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[PDF] Download: Learn DIY electronics with the – Sparkfun Inventor Guide

Download  Learn DIY electronics with the – Sparkfun Inventor Guide in PDF by MEGA free. Description: Replacement:KIT-11227. We’ve overhauled the SIK Manual with new graphics, revised code and in-depth instruction! Also, the kit includes a red translucent breadboard instead of the clear one which some found visually confusing, and the new and improved baseplate! This page is for reference only.



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ZOMG! This kit has it all. It includes the Arduino Uno, the fabled baseplate, and all the sensors you can shake a stick at. The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino is a box of goodies to get the very beginner started with programmable electronics. It includes all the bits you need to build 14 basic circuits, no soldering required! On top of that, we’ve joined forces with Oomlout to offer a small booklet to get you started. The SIK comes with everything pictured and a 36 page color printed ‘starter’ guide. The guide will take a complete novice and get them:
Blinking LEDs
Controlling a toy motor
Controlling a servo
Making (bad) music
Responding to buttons
Twisting a volume knob
Detecting ambient light
Reading temperature
Controlling big devices
Mixing LED colors
We believe these to be the building blocks of any electronics project. Once these concepts are mastered, very impressive projects are possible using simple recombinations.
Note: No soldering required. We recommend this kit for beginners ages 10 and up.
Note: Because Atmel is moving more and more of their production capacity to surface mount ICs, the DIP packaged ATmega328 is becoming more and more difficult to get. To keep up with demand, we now offer the Arduino Uno with an SMD ATmega328. The board is identical to the PTH version of the Uno, but you won’t be able to remove the ATmega328 without some hot-air. This change shouldn’t affect most users.
Note: There is an error with CIRC-03. Omit the 10K resistor and hook pin 9 directly to the base of the transistor.
Note: This product is a collaboration with Oomlout. A portion of each sales goes back to them for product support and continued development.
Kit includes:
Arduino Uno SMD R3
Arduino and breadboard holder
Printed 36-page Oomlout manual
12 color circuit overlays
Clear Bread Board
74HC595 Shift Register
2N2222 Transistors
1N4148 Diodes
DC Motor with wires
Small Servo
5V Relay
TMP36 Temp Sensor
Flex sensor
6′ USB Cable
Jumper Wires
Tri-color LED
Red and Yellow LEDs
10K Trimpot
Piezo Buzzer
Big 12mm Buttons
330 and 10K Resistors
Male Headers
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