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[PDF] Getting Started with Processing

Learn computer programming the easy way with Processing, a simple language that lets you use code to create drawings, animation, and interactive graphics. Programming courses usually start with theory, but this book lets you jump right into creative and fun projects. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn basic programming, and serves as a simple introduction to graphics for people with some programming skills.
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Written by the founders of Processing, this book takes you through the learning process one step at a time to help you grasp core programming concepts. You’ll learn how to sketch with code — creating a program with one a line of code, observing the result, and then adding to it. Join the thousands of hobbyists, students, and professionals who have discovered this free and educational community platform.
-Quickly learn programming basics, from variables to objects
-Understand the fundamentals of computer graphics
-Get acquainted with the Processing software development environment
-Create interactive graphics with easy-to-follow projects
-Use the Arduino open source prototyping platform to control your Processing graphics
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